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Solutions for your Supply Chain

Modular storage systems for different industries

Our products
Modular systems of the highest quality and durability for storage of tools, supplies, ammunition, weapons, equipment and documents for a wide variety of industries.

Rouseau cabinet for accessory storage.
Spider shelving for modular storage of components and parts in manufacturing and service companies.
Rousseau Robust Cabinet for modular storage in manufacturing operations and distribution centers.
Rousseau workstations for different applications.
Workstation for asset protection in different operations.


To respond to the specific needs of a variety of industries, Sigmacol offers you tailored and innovative solutions from Rousseau. To learn more about all that Sigmacol and Rousseau can do for you, select your industry below. Is your sector not on our list? Don't worry, here we only show the main sectors in which we operate. Contact us so we can talk about your project.

Automotive Sector workstations.
Robust shelving for distribution centers.
Office workstations - Rousseau
Rousseau Stations - Education, Training.
Rousseau Shelving - Agriculture Sector Storage
Rousseau Stations for Laboratories.
Tool Cabinet - Manufacturing.
Rousseau Robust Cabinets - Aeronautics.
Robust Rousseau modular cabinet - Defense and Security.
Rousseau mobile cabinets - Mining.
Rousseau Stations and Cabinets - Health Sector.
MultiTek Rousseau Cart - Versatility in different work environments.

Meet Rousseau

Why choose Rousseau products?

Rousseau Work Environment


Innovation occurs in all areas of the company! Each team within Rousseau is focused on developing products, continuously improving processes, and integrating the latest technology.

At Rousseau, we proudly implement sustainable development initiatives in terms of our products and manufacturing processes.


Whatever the industry and whatever the customer, Rpusseau understands that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. That is why all our product lines allow special configurations.

With our vast range of components and accessories, you can build your own solution, be it a cabinet, bookcase or workstation.

Rousseau Plant
Rousseau Ready Station - Distribution Centers.


Our products are modular. They are easily combined with each other to form a complete system. In addition, they are designed to receive a varied range of accessories, which makes it possible to adapt all of them to the precise situation of the client.

Our products are evolutionary. Our solutions will adapt to your needs as your company grows. For example, if you already have a shelving system, you can add drawer units to store small parts.


Keeping the design and manufacture of our products in North America allows us to offer and control the quality that is distributed.

In addition, it allows products to be manufactured as orders are received and dispatched within an ideal time frame. It also offers the possibility of producing customized solutions that are adjusted to what is requested by the client .

Rousseau systems have a painting process with minimal emissions.
Rousseau Cabinets -High Load


With up to 400 lb capacity per drawer, a lifetime bearing system warranty, rigorous designers, advanced technology, and exceptional customer service - this is the Rousseau quality summary.

For many decades, you will be pleased to have chosen Rousseau for your company project.

Design and Sizing of Modular Storage Systems

The versatility of our modular storage systems allows us to configure multiple options at the customer's request to optimize the use of space in the application you want to develop. The applications can be very diverse, in sectors such as Automotive, Manufacturing, Storage and Distribution, Defense and Security, Agro, Oil & Gas, Mining, Laboratories and Hospitals, Education, Aeronautics, Services, etc.

Case: Workstations for an automotive service center in Central America
Sigmacol Project - Rousseau - Automotive
Sigmacol Project - Rousseau - Automotive.
Sigmacol Project - Rousseau - Automotive.

Product catalog

Rousseau Catalog 2018.jpg

Videos of our products

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