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Supply Chain Consulting

Our supply chain consulting service includes the diagnosis, design/redesign, configuration and evaluation of the internal and extended supply chain through the NODY methodology, created by Sigmacol from experience in multiple projects in different industries and based on global standards and best management practices.

Transform your supply chain, establish a road map to design, deploy and evaluate the supply chain strategy, conducting an internal evaluation of the company's capabilities and the external environment, considering trends and alignment to global standards and best practices in supply chain. Create the internal consensus that will allow your company to adapt to the changes necessary to improve operational and financial performance.

Apply the principles that will make your supply chain resilient with a vision of transformation and constant evolution that will allow you to increase the visibility of the environment, increase your agility and drastically reduce variability, all under a framework where communication and adaptation to change is essential to manage the volume and mix of products, as well as the services that will make it more profitable and competitive. Our NODY methodology will allow you to accelerate change, obtaining great and lasting results and maintain the operational consistency that will support your growth in the market.

Empowering companies to transform their supply chain

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Comprehensive methodology for the transformation of the internal and extended supply chain.

  • Integration of work teams.

  • Training.

  • Characterization/Definition.

  • Diagnosis.

  • Roadmap for transformation.

  • Deployment.

  • Acceleration of change.

  • Resilience.

Identify and create awareness about the current state of performance of your supply chain and develop the strategies to deploy, to significantly increase competitiveness in the markets and segments where you operate.
  • Integrate your work teams and gain synchronization between functions.
  • Reduce variability in process execution.
  • Increase internal and extended visibility (customers and suppliers).
  • Apply a simple and effective method to periodically evaluate and reevaluate supply chain performance to adjust course when necessary.
  • Clearly state your challenges and resolve them effectively.
Count on the certainty of applying an effective method to improve the performance of the chain that generates profitability, while meeting the expectations of clients and users in the segments and markets where you operate.
Get ready to achieve this and more, with NODY!
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Supply Chain Transformation

The diagnosis of the supply chain is the first step for transformation, which occurs gradually and is part of a company's continuous improvement process.

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  • Internal supply chain.
  • Extended supply chain.
  • Individual processes:
       Planning, Purchasing, Procurement, Sourcing, Manufacturing, Production,                   Logistics, Transportation, Distribution, Foreign Trade.
  • Determine the relationships between the variables that have an impact on supply chain distruptions.

  • Identify the weakest nodes in the supply chain.

  • Measure the risk exposure of the nodes in the chain.

  • Expose hidden risks that limit the performance of the supply chain led by the channel master.

  • Classify materials according relevant criteria.

  • Establish the demand planning and management model.

  • Establish a strategic inventory management model.

  • Align risk management with the international supply chain standard.

  • Ensure resilience management in the continuous improvement cycle.


We are your business partner to accelerate the competitiveness of your supply chain

Our team of experts will guide you through the process of transforming your supply chain, from the design and following the entire implementation path to the validation of results, in a cycle of growth and permanent improvement for your operations.

Contact our team and quote the diagnosis of your company's supply chain

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