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Supply Chain Consulting

Our supply chain consulting service includes the design, configuration, planning and evaluation of the internal and extended supply chain through the global standard used by the most solid companies in the world. Build and improve your supply chain by applying the principles that will make it resilient and with a vision of digital transformation that will allow you to increase the visibility of the environment, increase its agility and drastically reduce variability, all under a framework where communication is essential to manage the volume and mix of products and services that will make it more profitable and competitive. Our work model will allow you to accelerate the achievement of good results and maintain the operational consistency that will support your growth in the market.

We transform your supply chain through our capabilities

Implementation of the Global Standard for the design, configuration and evaluation of the supply chain

Risk Management Model and  Resilience Assessment

Digital Capabilities Model in the Supply Chain

Adaptive Demand Driven Business Management Model

Internal Audit of your operations following the Global Supply Chain Standard

Management Model for Strategic Inventory Positioning

Demand Driven Adaptive Planning Model for your Operations

Process Engineering and Reengineering

Configuration of requirements for selection of ERP and Best of Breed applications

Strategic alignment for the operating model in manufacturing and service provider companies


We are your business partner to accelerate the competitiveness of your supply chain

Our team of experts will guide you through the process of transforming your supply chain, from the design and following the entire implementation path to the validation of results, in a cycle of growth and permanent improvement for your operations.

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