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International Logistics Observatory

This observatory is designed so that the user can access relevant information on international logistics, useful for analysis and decision-making in their organization or course of study.

Access 2 providers of information in real time for the vessels that navigate the waters of the world. Visit their pages to access more resources.


Access the Marine Traffic Maritime Analytics Blog


Access the Marine Traffic Vessel Tracking Blog

Cargo ship at sea

Vessel Finder

Access the Vessel Finder News Section

Cargo ship in port

Access the Vessel Finder Route Planner

Chennai - Cartagena de Indias Route.png

Access information and resources from the International Maritime Organization (IMO)


Publications of the International Maritime Organization (IMO)


Maritime Knowledge Center International Maritime Organization (IMO)

colorful books

Access data, facts and trends that shape our world

Viejo globo

International matters

United Nations

State of the world this week


The World Fact Book - CIA

Space Exploration Science Museum


political conference

Finance and Economy


Data Catalog - World Bank

Digital world map

Access portals and channels dedicated to Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Patio de contenedores

The Association of Supply Chain Management


What's going on With Shipping?
w/Mercogliano Salt

merchant ship

Container Insight - Drewry

Shipping Loading Containers

Supply Chain Brain

light bulb ring

Supply Chain 247


IATA Publications


World Container Index

A crane lifting a container


Aerial view of containers
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