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Solutions for your Supply Chain

Education for the different levels and organizational processes


International Certification Programs

We offer the most diverse portfolio of programs and courses in Supply Chain and Operations in 2 languages, English and Spanish.

Access your program and study from anywhere in the world, at your own pace and from any device (mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop) or coordinate a face-to-face education program with us.

The study platforms for each program are dynamic and easy to use, showing and evaluating your progress in each program.

Your preparation will be intense and you will become a professional capable of designing and implementing strategies for the management and improvement of your process and organization, applying the most advanced knowledge in supply chain and operations.

We are APICS/ASCM in Colombia

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Develop your team

Provide your team with the knowledge and tools to streamline supply chain operations, consistently implementing best practices to deliver results aligned with your business goals.

Equipo de negocios

Value-added education

Whether you decide for your team to take a standardized or custom-designed program, you can count on a consultant for the implementation of the best business practices associated with supply chain and operations. This will not only allow your work team to access the highest quality education, but they will also have the advice of an expert in the areas of knowledge so that the incorporation of knowledge in their processes is effective.

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Why train with us?

  • Our educational offer is supported by 2 very robust bodies of knowledge: ASCM (Association for Supply Chain Management) and Sigmacol ESCM.

  • We have certification programs and credentials recognized around the world.

  • You will have access to world-class standards, models and work tools designed to effectively apply the knowledge acquired.

  • Our instructors have extensive industry, academic and consulting experience managing the creation and delivery of small and large scale programs.

  • Ability to configure education programs tailored to the needs of your business in 2 languages, English and Spanish.

  • Advice for you to pass your certification exam (CPIM, CSCP, CLTD). Our First Pass Rate Indicator is 92%, well above the global average.

  • Advice on preparation for the certification exam for the Demand Driven Institute's Demand Driven Planner and Demand Driven Leader programs.

Programs available in English

ASCM/APICS International Certifications



APICS CPIM Certification
Certified in Planning and Inventory Management.


APICS CSCP Certification

Certified Supply Chain Professional.



APICS CLTD Certification

Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution.

ASCM/APICS Certified Programs with Digital Badge

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Supply Chain Planning Certificate
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Supply Chain Procurement Certificate

Gerente de la tienda


Supply Chain Warehousing Certificate

ASCM/APICS program
Foundations of Supply Chain Management

Los trabajadores de almacén


Foundations of Supply Chain Management

Demand Driven Institute International Certifications
Position - Protect - Pull - Adapt

DDP Professional.jpg


Demand Driven Planner Professional
DDL Professional.jpg


Demand Driven Leader Professional

Adaptive Enterprise Foundations Professional.jpg


Adaptive Enterprise Foundations Professional

Demand Driven Operations Professional.jpg


Demand Driven Operations Professional
Demand Driven Supply Chain Professional.jpg


Demand Driven Supply Chain Professional

Programs available in Spanish

Sigmacol Certifications in Supply Chain Management

Certificación PPRC - Sigmacol - Repetido


Certification in Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment - PPRC.
Certificación DOSC - Sigmacol - Repetido


Certification in Design and Optimization of the Supply Chain - DOSC.

Certificación SCMF - Sigmacol - Repetido


Certification - Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management - SCMF.

Imagen Certificación FLTD - Sigmacol ESCM.png


Certification in Fundamentals of Logistics, Transportation and Distribution

Sigmacol courses with certificate of attendance

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to Supply Chain Management

This course covers the basic principles to effectively manage the supply chain of an organization with manufacturing or service provision processes.

SC Design and Optimization.png

Supply Chain Design and Optimization

This course presents the tools and mechanisms to design the supply chain aligned with the business strategy.

Tech Adviser - Sigmacol.png

Selection of

Software - Enterprise Resource Planning

This course covers the aspects that support the selection and configuration of ERP enterprise resource planning software.

Herramientas de Calidad - Sigmacol

Quality Tools
for Operations Management

Learn the application of quality tools that support the control and continuous improvement of supply chain processes.


Demand Planning

Learn to establish a repeatable and reliable process to estimate demand in manufacturing, distribution and service provision companies. 


Performance Indicators

Learn to establish the key management indicators to measure the performance of the processes and the organization in a balanced score card aligned to the business and supply chain strategy.


Warehousing and Inventory Management

Learn the basics for warehouse design and security, cross-docking activity, and inventory management.

DFI - Sigmacol.png

International Distribution

Learn about the trends that mark the strategy of organizations for an international physical distribution of products in global trade.

Compras y Desarrollo de Proveedores  - S

Purchasing and
Supplier Selection

Learn to establish negotiations and relationships with suppliers according to the strategic importance for the activity of your organization.

Puerto NY.jpg

Multimodal Transportation

The page for this course will be available soon.

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Supply Chain Risk Management

Apply a reference framework for the identification, assessment and management of risks in the supply chain.


Lean Enterprise

The page for this course will be available soon.

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