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Comprehensive Solutions for your Supply Chain

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Comprehensive Supply Chain Solutions

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About us

We are a comprehensive solutions company for supply chain management with world-class approaches. Our commercial alliances with leading organizations in their sector support our business lines to provide our clients with products and services of the highest quality. We are a young, dynamic, agile company that evolves with the market. We want to maintain this essence in everything we do. We firmly believe in our work and we want to add value to our clients so that their supply chain is effective, responsive, agile and manages their assets efficiently. For this we have 4 fundamental and complementary business lines:


Through our School of Supply Chain Management, we offer our clients certifications in Spanish on the most relevant topics for supply chain management, based on the body of knowledge of APICS and other international standards to deliver the most relevant certifications. high level in Spanish.

Certification in Planning, Forecasting and Collaborative Replenishment - PPRC.

Certification in Design and Optimization of the Supply Chain - DOSC.

Certification in Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management - SCMF.

Our Certifications in English are:

APICS Certified in Production and Inventory Management - CPIM.

APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional - CSCP.

APICS Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution - CLTD.

Supply Chain Engineering:

Our supply chain engineering service includes planning, design, data analysis, simulation and optimization to guarantee the correct performance and sustained profitability of your organization's supply chain through 5 world-class reference frameworks and standards. .

Among the Supply Chain Engineering solutions are:

  • Process Engineering and Reengineering: diagnosis of all processes in a supply chain, design and redesign of processes applying world-class methods. Among the processes that we diagnose and intervene are:

    • Strategic planning.

    • Tactical planning (Sales and Operations Planning - S&OP).

    • Operational planning.

    • Demand Planning.

    • Capacity and execution planning.

    • Inventory planning and management.

    • Quality planning and management.

    • Product life cycle planning.

    • Manufacture.

    • Production.

    • Shopping.

    • Sourcing.

    • Logistics.

    • Transport.

    • Distribution.

    • Quality.

    • Risk management.

  • Digitization of the supply chain.

    • We apply our supply chain mapping and configuration cycle to build a digital twin with which we support the organization in making decisions to achieve excellent financial and operational results.

  • Risk Management in the Supply Chain:

    • We apply a risk identification, assessment and management model combining the N ° 1 standard in the world for the assessment of the supply chain and our risk management model that considers the internal and extended supply chain. Remember that for a couple of decades the competition is not between companies but between supply chains.

Get the following benefits through our holistic approach:

  • Increased cash flow.

  • Reduction of inventory levels without sacrificing service level.

  • Optimize the use of working capital.

  • Increased return on assets.

  • Increased return on investment.

  • Stable material and information flow with reduced latency.

  • Increased level of service.

  • Greater visibility into your internal and extended supply chain.

  • Timely response to changes in the environment:

    • Reduce recovery time from supply chain disruptions.

    • Increase survival time in the face of supply chain interruptions.

  • Increased flexibility and agility of your operations.

  • Reduction of out of stock stores.

  • Focus on exception management.

  • Agility in decision making.

  • Better performance in the management of the 6V's of the supply chain:

  1. Greater Visibility of the internal and extended supply chain.

  2. Greater speed in your operations and logistics to increase the agility of the supply chain.

  3. Reduction of the Variability of the processes of the internal and extended supply chain.

  4. Vocalization: flow of relevant information to support operational, tactical and strategic strategies.

  5. Variety management in product composition to simplify operations planning and inventory management.

  6. Production Volume Management to guarantee a product flow that meets market needs.

Modular Storage Systems

We are Rousseau distributors for Central and South America of the most innovative, robust, reliable and long-lasting modular storage systems for the Automotive, Manufacturing, Logistics and Distribution, Aeronautical, Public, Defense and Security, Education, Heavy Equipment and Natural Resources sectors. Agriculture, Health and Laboratories. Our systems are designed and manufactured to meet LEED standards and will assist your organization in obtaining certification for your infrastructure.



  • Support for the configuration of the requirements that the business software you need must meet: ERP, WMS, CRM, SRM, TMS, BPM.

  • Development of custom applications for the processes that we intervene in our Supply Chain Engineering line.

  • Implementation of software for companies managed by demand, for the planning and execution of operations, strategic inventory positioning and capacity management.


SIGMACOL was born in May 2012 as a project to satisfy the needs to improve the performance of organizations from an integrated approach and active client-consultant participation (hands on).


SIGMACOL will be recognized locally and in Latin America as the most innovative consulting company for supply chain management.


Provide solutions with high impact on the operational and financial performance of organizations in different industries through the design, analysis and improvement of the processes that make up the supply chain.



Respect for free and fair competition

Customer focus


Respect for the principles of the UN Global Compact




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