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Solutions for your Supply Chain

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Education for the different levels and organizational processes

Certified in Planning and Inventory Management (CPIM 8.0)

Resilience and Agility are essential characteristics for any type of supply chain in today's global context. Obtain the CPIM certification and demonstrate to your current or potential employer your skills to manage disruptions, variations in demand, supply, inventory, risks and continuous improvement in the supply chain.

Why take the Inventory Planning and Management Certification - CPIM?

Because you will:

Effectively manage changes in demand and supply associated with disruptions and identifying chain vulnerabilities.

Plan operations and manage inventory in the organizational and industry context.

Propose and execute a management models that reduce risks in the network.

Propose and execute relevant initiatives for network management.

Develop competencies applicable to the effective management of the supply chain processes.

Interested in knowing if the CPIM (Certified in Planning and Inventory Management) certification is right for you?

Try the content free for 30 days.

Why to obtain the CPIM Certification with Sigmacol?
What differentiates us in the market?

  • Flexibility and adaptability to the requirements of our clients.

  • International experience and knowledge of the challenges present in various industries.

  • Solid knowledge of the ASCM APICS standard, its application and evolution over time.

  • Application of different levels of knowledge of Bloom's Taxonomy.

  • First Pass Rate of 93%.

CPIM modules

CPIM Brochure

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  1. Supply Chains and Strategy.

  2. Sales and Operations Planning.

  3. Demand.

  4. Supply.

  5. Detailed Schedules.

  6. Inventory.

  7. Distribution.

  8. Quality, Technology and continuous Improvement.

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CPIM Training with Certified ASCM Instructors

Training guided by ASCM Certified Instructor in live online or in-person format lasting 32 hours.

  • Minimum quorum for programs in online format: 5 people.

  • Minimum quorum for in-person programs: 8 people.

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