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Education for the different levels and organizational processes

Certificación CSCP
Certificación CSCP

Los conocimientos y habilidades que necesita desarrollar para gestionar la supply chain en cualquier industria.

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Alcance Certificaciones APICS
Alcance Certificaciones APICS

La certificaciones APICS CPIM, CSCP, CLTD y SCOR-P cubren todas las áreas de conocimiento para gestionar efectivamente la cadena de suministro.

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Sigmacol Escuela de Supply Chain Management
Sigmacol Escuela de Supply Chain Management

Programa Público - Bogotá - Sigmacol Escuela de Supply Chain Management.

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Certificación CSCP
Certificación CSCP

Los conocimientos y habilidades que necesita desarrollar para gestionar la supply chain en cualquier industria.

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Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP)

Resilience and Agility are essential characteristics for any type of supply chain in today's global context. With a holistic approach, this program imparts the knowledge necessary to manage the supply chain from end to end, from the design of the network through its management, planning and execution to continuous improvement, application of best practices and risk management .


Study material

2022 APICS CSCP Learning System
  • Digital study material.
  • Online tools.
  • Quizzes with immediate feedback.
  • Learning and evaluation activities.
  • Exams with immediate feedback.
  • +1200 evaluation questions.
  • Online Resource Center.
  • Exam content manual version 5.0.
Preparación Certificaciones Sigmacol ESC


Select the program of your convenience

  • Program led by a certified instructor in live online format, lasting 48 hours.   Certified APICS material expert instructor with over 7 years in the APICS instructor development program and over 20 years of industry experience, whose guidance has provided students with a first pass rate of 93%.

  • Instructor-led self-study program. Study at your own pace by coordinating specific sessions with your certified APICS instructor.

  • Self-study program.  Acquire the material, receive an induction on the use of the APICS learning system and continue at your own pace.

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APICS CSCP Certification Exam

  • 150 questions.

  • Get your results immediately.

  • Once you pass the exam you can use your designation.

Why do you need to obtain the CSCP Certification?

Supply chain professionals need to recognize and analyze specific situations and opportunities in the design, planning and improvement of the chain, and select the appropriate tools, methods and technologies for its effective management, in addition to defining the necessary actions to implement the solutions chosen. Some of the strengths obtained in the program are:

  • The ability to align supply chain processes and capabilities with strategic business objectives.

  • Design the infrastructure and roles of the supply chain organization.

  • Select the most appropriate method for product design.

  • Effectively manage the flows in the chain (materials, products, services, information and financial flow).

  • Manage relationships within your organization, with chain partners and stakeholders.

  • Select technology to facilitate an effective management and improvement process.

  • Plan logistics, transportation, distribution, foreign trade operations influenced by regulatory entities.

  • Manage risks in the supply chain.

  • Lead improvement projects in the supply chain.


The APICS CSCP certification is for professionals interested in demonstrating their knowledge and expertise in supply chain management, as well as expanding and excelling in the labor market or academic work field, bringing high benefits both personally and to their organization.

¿Interesado en saber si la certificación CSCP (Certified Supply Chain Professional) es adecuada para ti?

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Why to obtain the CSCP Certification with Sigmacol?

What differentiates us in the market?

  • Flexibility and adaptability to the requirements of our clients.

  • International experience of our instructor, who holds all APICS certifications.

  • Own content platform to make learning more robust, based on methodologies and tools for immediate implementation of the acquired knowledge.

  • Solid knowledge of the ASCM APICS standard, its application and evolution over time.

  • Participation of our instructor in initiatives for the development of the APICS body of knowledge.

  • 93% First Pass Rate.

  • Solid body of knowledge based on international standards for Supply Chain and Operations.

Structure of the APICS CSCP Certification program.

8 modules

  1. Supply Chains, Demand Management and Forecasting.

  2. Global Supply Chain Networks.

  3. Supply of products and services.

  4. Internal operations and inventory.

  5. Forward and reverse logistics.

  6. Supply Chain Relationships.

  7. Supply Chain Risk.

  8. Optimization, sustainability and technology.

1 Exam

  • 150 questions.

  • In-person and online mode.

  • 8 diagnostic areas.

  • Immediate results.

  • Immediate use of certification.

Eligibility for CSCP certification

To be eligible to take the APICS CSCP certification exam, you must meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • 3 years and business experience.

  • University degree or an international equivalent.

  • An active APICS certification: CPIM, CPIM-F, CIRM, SCOR-P, CPM, CPSM, CTL or CLTD.

You can complete the eligibility application here

After obtaining the CSCP certification, you must comply with maintenance every 5 years through this application.

Download the CSCP certification brochure

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Take the guided tour though the CSCP Learning System

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Upcoming CSCP Programs


February - May 2022

Official CSCP Certification Program

Live Online Format


August 05, 2022


October 21, 2022

Duration: 48 hours.


Friday from 8AM to 12M (UTC-5).

CSCP Learning System - Self Study Program

Digital Material
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Program Instructor:

Carlos Perozo, CPIM, CSCP, CLTD

APICS-ASCM Certified Instructor for Central and South America

CEO Sigmacol

23+ years of experience and learning daily to share my knowledge with those who want to improve themselves and add value to their career to transform the organizations they represent and society.