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Education for the different levels and organizational processes

Key Management Indicators (KPI's)

Who should take this course?


This course is aimed at supply chain professionals who lead organizations and processes, both in the value chain and in support. Any professional who has the privilege of leading and being responsible for the performance of people and processes in an organization must take this course.


Description of the Key Management Indicators (KPI's) course.


This course provides the knowledge and tools necessary to establish management indicators at different levels and build a balanced scorecard to adequately monitor the performance of the organization.


This program will give you tools to:


  • Understand the fundamental concepts of key management indicators.

  • Identify a methodology to select / develop KPIs that are aligned with the business context.

  • Identify opportunities for improvement in your current performance measurement system.

  • Carry out team building activities to establish the most effective indicators.

  • Map the current state of your business performance, relative to vision and strategy, in four main areas or perspectives.

  • Create a balanced scorecard that ensures that business performance is adequately measured.

  • Identify opportunities for employee empowerment to support your business performance measurement system.



Online format: 8 hours in video, activities and final exam.

If you live in Colombia pay here.

USD 80

Online format
Rest of LatinAmerica pay here.
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USD 80

Online format
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