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International Physical Distribution
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Who should take this course?


This course is aimed at supply chain professionals in charge of value processes. Professionals in sales, marketing, service delivery, logistics, warehousing and inventory management, manufacturing and production, purchasing, sourcing, production and master planning. These professionals are internally responsible for streamlining the flow of products and materials for the provision of services at a local, regional and global level.


Description of the International Physical Distribution course.


This course provides the knowledge and tools necessary to establish the processes and strategies necessary to manage the flow of products and materials efficiently and effectively to increase the profitability of the organization and maintain and improve service levels.


At the end of the module, the student must be able to select the best alternative for maritime transport, in any national and international trade operation, applying managerial and commercial knowledge, using the concepts, just in time, lower cost, best alternative. Which will lead to greater competitiveness of the product and / or company in the market that is very changing and competitive every day.


This program will give you tools to:


  • At the end of the course, the participants will have the conceptual and technical tools that will allow them to plan, implement and strategically control the process of International Physical Distribution.

  • Design, implement and manage business initiatives for the international market.

  • Strengthening in consulting to advise international business.

  • Practical analysis for the adequate orientation and identification of market opportunities from or to any country.

  • Feasibility analysis for business projects with an international profile.

  • It gives you discipline and order to understand all the costs related to an import and export that is part of the context of international logistics.




Online mode: 6 hours in video, activities and final exam.

If you live in Colombia pay here.

USD 60

Online format
Rest of LatinAmerica pay here.
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USD 60

Online format
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