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Selection of Enterprise Resource Planning Software
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Who should take this course?


This workshop is aimed at professionals in the supply chain, IT, Production and Manufacturing, Inventory, Purchasing, Logistics, Distribution and Service who influence decision-making for the configuration and selection of Enterprise Resource Planning Software - ERP .


Description of the Workshop Selection of Enterprise Resource Planning Software - ERP.


This workshop provides basic knowledge for Business Resource planning known as ERP and practical tools for the configuration of a system of this type for manufacturing origination or service provision.


This program will give you tools to:


  • Know the principles of business resource requirements planning (ERP).

  • Know what a Decision Support System (DSS) is.

  • Interact with a Decision Support System (DSS) for the configuration of business resource requirements and the selection of the most appropriate software for the operation of your organization.

  • Contact ERP vendors directly with the established configuration to quote the required software.

  • Coordinate a selection process for ERP Enterprise Resource Planning Software.





Online format: 8 hours in video, approximately 4 additional hours of activities and final exam.

If you live in Colombia pay here.

USD 80

Online format
Rest of LatinAmerica pay here

USD 80

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Online format
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