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Solutions for your Supply Chain

Education for the different levels and organizational processes

Certification in Design and Optimization of the Supply Chain - DOSC

Design the internal and extended supply chain with standardized processes that you can effectively evaluate and audit to plan the changes necessary to improve performance through the application of algorithms to find the most favorable scenarios that bring the best performance to your company.

DOSC Certification - Sigmacol - Repeated


Digital training platform
  • Study at your own pace.
  • Digital material (slides).
  • E-books.
  • Articles.
  • Videos of the classes.
  • Complementary videos.
  • Online tools.
  • Quizzes with immediate feedback. *
  • Learning and evaluation activities.
  • Pre-assessment exam to diagnose knowledge.
  • Exams with immediate feedback.
  • Final certification exam.
  • Online Resource Center.
  • Discussion forum.
  • Terms of reference.
  • Study cases.
  • Consultation sessions with instructor.

Public programs

Select the program of your convenience



  • Program led by certified instructor in live online format, lasting 30 hours, subject to the academic calendar published at

  • Instructor-guided self-study program. Study at your own pace by coordinating specific sessions with your certified instructor with extensive experience in the industry.

Work team

Business programs

Incompany training 

  • Build multidisciplinary teams in your internal and extended supply chain.

  • We adapt the program to the context of the company so that they evaluate the current design of their chain and carry out the necessary changes to align it with the corporate strategy and market requirements.

  • Access to Sigmacol digital platform with all its content.

  • Defined hours for advice on implementing practices learned in the program.

Why carry out the Certification in Design and Optimization of the Supply Chain - DOSC?

In order to:


  • Establish a supply chain design process aligned with corporate strategy.

  • Align product design strategies and distribution networks to the general design of the chain.

  • Establish appropriate metrics for the performance of the chain.

  • Standardize supply chain processes.

  • To develop optimization solutions considering different scenarios in the performance of the chain processes.

General content

  1. What is the supply chain.

  2. Objectives, decisions and visualization of the processes in the supply chain.

  3. Examples of supply chains.

  4. Strategic planning of the supply chain.

  5. First-class processes for the design of the supply chain.

  6. Management indicators for the supply chain.

  7. Design options for distribution networks - Application of optimization algorithms.

  8. Online sales and planning factors for the distribution network.

  9. Supply chain optimization - Business cases.

Skills you will acquire in the DOSC Program.

  1. Establish a strategic planning process for the supply chain.

  2. Establish a supply chain design process aligned with corporate strategy.

  3. Assess the context (external and internal factors) affecting supply chain design and operations.

  4. Establish the appropriate metrics to measure and monitor supply chain performance.

  5. Know the first, second and third level processes of the supply chain.

  6. Standardize supply chain processes.

  7. Design distribution networks.

  8. Optimize distribution networks through the application of different models and algorithms.

After obtaining the DOSC certification, you must comply with maintenance every 3 years through an application process at Sigmacol School of Supply Chain Management.

Upcoming programs

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