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Solutions for your Supply Chain

SPX ERP, a SaaS solution for your organization's processes.

What is an ERP?

ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning)
It is a collaborative structure to organize, define and standardize the business processes necessary to effectively plan and control an organization, so that the organization can use its internal knowledge and find an advantage.

An ERP system provides banks of information that include master data, sales, financial details, product analysis, customer hierarchy, and historical and current transactional data (APICS Dictionary).

The basis for the successful implementation and use of an ERP system, lies in the maturity structure and collaboration of the different areas or departments of the institution. Keeping the processes, objectives and skills of its people aligned, according to the business plan.

What is SPX?

SPX It is a first-world ERP computer system, developed with state-of-the-art technology and unique architecture in third-party catalogs and lean accounting, adhering to the best practices of supply chain processes set forth by APICS and the APICS Supply Chain Council.

Achieving almost infinite capacity and great speed in data management, which allows us to work in the cloud, accessing the system from anywhere with a good internet connection. This avoids maintaining a "site" and databases.

We have great security in data transfer operating in three layers (Client - Application Server - Database Server). Your information will always be safe and backed up.

We work in SaaS mode (Software as a Service) which allows our clients to operate and pay only for what they use. Configuring any module according to your requirements.

  • First World System

  • Run in the Cloud

  • Three Layer Security

  • Multi user

  • No licenses are paid

Our project approach is based on identifying the characteristics and functionalities they want from their ERP to achieve the most appropriate configuration for their business, so that the ERP can be scalable as our clients' business grows and expands. in your market. The professionals who will accompany you in the implementation process have extensive industrial experience, with international certifications in all areas of the supply chain, to ensure the success and smooth transition of your business model to the use of an ERP as a framework. for the storage and execution of the transactions carried out, as well as the analysis of data for decision-making in your organization, solving the problems encountered, raising the degree of maturity and training your staff to correctly operate the processes and use the system in the most efficient way.

The ERP SPX has some peculiarities that are worth highlighting:

  • Handle large volumes of data

  • Languages: English and Spanish

  • Software as a Service SaaS

  • 3-layer security in the cloud

  • Certified by the Demand Driven Institute

  • Contains 2 MRP (Material Requirement Planning) modules :

    • Classic MRP

    • DDMRP (Demand Driven MRP)

  • Lean Accounting

  • Powerful database language

Sigmacol is a proud SAPIX partner in Latin America

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