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This course provides knowledge about the quality tools used to control and measure the performance of processes, the root cause investigation of events that affect quality and the proposal of improvements to ensure an increase in performance.

Course content:

  • Introduction to Quality Management.
  • Quality costs.
  • The 7 basic tools of quality.
  • Statistical processes control.
  • Statistical process control methods.
  • Process capability and use of continuous improvement to determine the capability of a process.
  • Quality function deployment.
  • Failure mode and effects analysis.
  • Description of the Baldrige Program for Excellence in Performance.
  • Structure of a Quality policy and manual.


  • Identify general aspects for quality management.
  • Learn the use and application of basic quality tools.
  • Define the general categories of quality costs.
  • Define statistical process control and control methods.
  • Define the capacity of a process, apply the capacity index and the steps to determine it.
  • Learn to use a quality function display matrix (Quality House).
  • Define the failure mode and effect analysis and the application methodology.
  • Describe a program of excellence in performance as an organization.

By taking this course you will be able to:

  • Identify the tools and their application to control quality in manufacturing, production and service provision processes.
  • Apply quality tools to collect information from manufacturing, production or service provision processes.
  • Apply quality tools to measure the performance of manufacturing, production and service provision processes.
  • Define a process that generates continuous improvement initiatives for the organization that supports the quality cycle.
  • Define the appropriate use, through their selection, of quality tools for each improvement initiative.
  • Map processes to identify their current state and the expected future state.
  • Identify the needs for statistical process control in your organization.
  • Initiate the deployment of the quality function for your organization's processes.
  • Apply statistical process control methods in your organization.
  • Implement failure mode and effect analysis to your organization's processes.
  • Understand the structure of a quality performance excellence program.

Total duration: 12 hours.

The price of this article includes the digital study platform with the following components: study material, work tools, articles, videos of the classes and complementary videos, approval exam, certificate of compliance and approval, and digital badge.

Quality Tools for Operations Management

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