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APICS CLTD Combo Package  2021:

  • Learning system with digital material for CLTD.
  • CLTD certification exam  with two tries.
  • The most optimized and focused way to obtain the CLTD certification.
  • Reading materials in digital format,  Integrated online e-reader and e-download included.
  • Online learning tools, quizzes, tests, and activities.
  • Tests with immediate feedback and justification of the answer.
  • Practice exams mirror the CLTD certification exam.
  • More than 1200 test questions online.
  • Online resource center.
  • Participant access to online study tools is valid for 12 months from the date of assignment.
  • Exam vouchers are assigned to your participants within 6 months of purchase to obtain an Authorization to Take Exam (ATT). The ATT is valid for an additional 6 months for participants to schedule and take each exam.
  • Includes free download of the APICS CLTD Exam Content Manual  via the Resource Center and printed in the reader module.
  • Complementary material provided by Sigmacol for those who participate in instructor-led programs or complementary activities programmed by Sigmacol.
  • Available only to APICS PLUS members.
  • Don't have your membership yet? Get it at using the Referral Code XESIGM88.


You can write to us at to clarify your concerns.

APICS CLTD Certification Bundle

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