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Solutions for your Supply Chain

ALTO Procure To Pay

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Supply Chain Solutions SAS supports the digital transformation of your business and this starts with a simple action. Start saving money today by digitizing all your data, automating all your processes, and integrating disparate data sources into your supply chain processes.

Every action counts

And we want to help you ...

Data Automation

Automate manual processes

Digitize and simplify labor-intensive, low-value-added processes. Allow your human capital to focus on activities that add value to your organization and the supply chain.

Collaboration between processes

Promote collaboration

Increase productivity with the help of flexible workflows. Improve communication and teamwork. Connect with everyone, at any time.

Simplified management

Many systems: one view

Most companies need an army of systems to service all functional groups. Help eliminate silos of unnecessary data and shed light on your dark and unstructured data if you don't have an ERP system.

Work from anywhere

Work anytime from anywhere

Increase productivity by allowing users the option to harness the power of mobile devices. More flexibility allows for greater compliance.

Integration with suppliers


Improve your results, relationships with suppliers and reduce your General & Administrative expenses through greater efficiency. We are an organization focused on customer service. Happy customers with efficient and successful service level agreements are part of the foundation of our work philosophy for technology development.

A low-risk acquisition model

Low-risk acquisition model

Every customer is a "VIP customer". Price transparency. Competitive payment for every transaction. No upfront fees, no hidden fees, and no long-term contract.

Saving money is as important as generating sales

The impact of cost and expense savings on financial statements is higher than the benefit generated by increased sales in the company.

Under this premise, proven in all organizations, we bring you an application platform in the PaaS (Platform as a Service) format for managing the transactions generated by your organization in the execution of its processes.

High Procure To Pay (PaaS)
Sigmacol Alliance - ICG

Sigmacol is a proud partner of ICG Innovation Centric Group in Latin America

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