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Purchasing and Selection of Suppliers
Purchasing and Supplier Development - S

Who should take this course?


This course is aimed at supply chain professionals who work and direct the negotiation processes with suppliers, sourcing, procurement and purchasing activities. Plant and inventory managers, as well as quality leaders and inspectors, logistics, transportation and distribution leaders are also important candidates to participate in this course, since work in multidisciplinary teams is what accelerates and makes processes efficient. of product design, its components, the acquisition and transformation flow and distribution through different channels in the supply chain.


Description of the Purchasing and Supplier Development course.


This course provides the knowledge and tools necessary to establish purchasing strategies, negotiation with suppliers and their selection to ensure that the impact on operations is in compliance with organizational objectives and does not generate operational and financial restrictions, developing the necessary synergies to make all the links in the chain profitable.


This program will give you tools to:


  • Plan, implement and strategically control the purchasing and supply process of your companies.

  • Develop their skills to negotiate, evaluate and select suppliers under solid and precise criteria, generating optimal and lasting relationships, strengthening the supply chain.



Online format: 4 hours in video, activities and final exam.

Course available in asynchronous online format.

Videos and resources available 24/7 anywhere in the world for students.

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