Comprehensive Solutions for your Supply Chain

Ingeniería en Supply Chain
Ingeniería en Supply Chain

Ingeniería y Consultoría en Supply Chain Management

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Soluciones de Almacenamiento Modular
Soluciones de Almacenamiento Modular

Almacenamiento Modular de Productos para diversas industrias

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Configuración de Requerimientos de Software para PYME
Configuración de Requerimientos de Software para PYME

Seleccione el software empresarial más adecuado para su empresa a través de un sistema de soporte de decisiones para ERP, WMS, RFID, TMS, CRM, SRM, BPM, SCM.

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Ingeniería en Supply Chain
Ingeniería en Supply Chain

Ingeniería y Consultoría en Supply Chain Management

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Our Comprehensive Solutions

Boost Professional Development

Skill level assessment in all Supply Chain functions
Development and implementation of competence models for development plans in supply chain processes

School of Supply Chain Management

We are specialists in supply chain and operations management education.
Get your international APICS certification with us.
Get also a certification designed entirely in Spanish.




Digitization of the supply chain
Mapping, design and reengineering of processes
Control tower design
Transformation of planning and operation models
Design of risk management plans

Configuration of software requirements for SMEs

Setting up business software requirements for SMEs
ERP, WMS, CRM, SRM, RFID, TMS, BPM, Demand Management

Modular Storage

Design and configuration of modular storage systems and workstations for various industries

Reduce your Supply Chain Management Consulting Costs

Through our online booking service you will have on-demand access to hours of advice with mentors for the design, planning and execution of the supply chain processes (procurement and sourcing, purchasing, manufacturing and production, storage and inventory management, logistics, transportation and distribution planning).


-Extensive search for a company that validates your approach in the design, planning and execution of the supply chain processes.

-Starting a bidding process to have access to supply chain management advice.

-Hiring a consulting company at a high cost, that does not know or has not implemented world-class methodologies and best practices, so that it "validates" the client's approach, without implementation, and also that it does not generate the solutions that will have a relevant impact on the customer results.

-Not having an expert (internal or external) in the area in which the client wishes to intervene, but wants to access an expert person through advice to understand a path towards solving their problems. (A typical conflict affecting decision making).

Our online advisory service

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-On demand hours of advice working with leaders in charge of designing, planning and executing the chain processes.

-Professionals and expert mentors in all supply chain processes in different industries and countries.

-World class methodology and knowledge in the implementation of solutions in the design, planning and execution of supply chain processes.

-An initial guide through mentoring and advice to show our clients the way forward in solving their problems.

-Flexibility. The client can start with a short consultation. Then it can decide if it wants to engage in a larger consulting project through a contract with Sigmacol.


-A clear understanding of the way forward in your initiatives in a short period of time, using a minimal part of your annual budget.

-Awareness of Sigmacol's flexible and world class offering, a company that has the knowledge to accompany you in the execution of your initiatives and projects.

- Peace of mind that the projects assigned to Sigmacol will obtain the projected results.

-Resolve your doubts and concerns quickly with a flexible business partner and at a low cost.

-Avoiding a bidding process to obtain an advisory service.


In this section you will have access to the APICS Thinking Supply Chain blog, we hope you enjoy it!

Sigmacol Blog

Presenting ideas, analysis and tools for the development of your Supply Chain, we hope you enjoy it!

At Sigmacol we are evolving so that our solutions and services have a greater impact on the results of the supply chain. Our new page is just the beginning, in it you can find solutions that will contribute to the development and continuous improvement of the supply chain processes that your organization leads, both internally extended. We want to be part of your personal growth as a professional and as an organization through the world-class education we provide, our products and engineering solutions for the supply chain.

Thank you for trusting us and allowing us to be part of your business journey!

What do our customers say

Leonardo Cabrera, Logistics Consultant

"The knowledge I have obtained in preparing for the CSCP certification is greater than that obtained in the master's degree in logistics that I took a couple of years ago"

Adner Capachero, General Manager

"An extraordinary course in the CSCP; this program helped me to affirm my knowledge in Supply Chain and raise my skills as a consultant"

Marlon Rieder, Mechanical Engineer

"Great experience and learning from this course. Very grateful to Carlos Perozo, I hope to share with him again in another program in the future"

Are you a Sigmacol customer?

Request a copy of the Supply Chain Assessment study - Prepared by our CEO Carlos Perozo, CPIM, CSCP and distributed by Sigmacol.