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Comprehensive Solutions for your Supply Chain

Our Comprehensive Solutions


Supply Chain Engineering

Design, configure, plan and evaluate the internal and extended supply chain to obtain solid and consistent results that allow your company to obtain a leadership position in the market.

You will have an ASCM Authorized Advisor to lead Business Transformation Learning Programs.

We are ASCM Authorized Consulting Partner in Colombia

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International Certification Programs

With the most robust body of knowledge in the world for supply chain management, we train professionals to obtain the APICS/ASCM international certifications.

CPIM (Certified in Planning and Inventory Management).

CSCP (Certified Supply Chain Professional)

CLTD (Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution).

SCOR DS (Supply Chain Operations Reference Digital Standard)

We are ASCM Authorized Training Partner in Colombia

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Certificate Programs in Spanish

We have developed a solid body of knowledge to incorporate the standard and best practices in Supply Chain and Operations to our certification programs in Spanish.

Supply Chain Management Fundamentals - SCMF.

Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment - PPRC.

Supply Chain Design and Optimization - DOSC.

Fundamentals of Logistics, Transportation and Distribution - FLTD.


Modular Work Solutions for various sectors

We design and configure modular storage solutions and workstations for companies in different industries: Automotive, Storage and Distribution, Maintenance and Service, Energy, Oil & Gas, Mining, Defense and Security, Health and many others.

Our solutions are characterized by being of the highest quality, durability, versatility and robustness.

Optimize your storage space by up to 60%.

We want to be your business partner and grow hand in hand with your company.

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At Sigmacol we are evolving so that our solutions and services have a greater impact on the results of the supply chain your company leads. Here you will find solutions that will contribute to the development and continuous improvement of business processes in your value chain, both internal and external in the different tiers of customers and suppliers that comprise it. We want to be part of your network of partners and accompany you, adding value while the profitability of your business grows steadily.


What our clients say about our Supply Chain Certification Programs

Leonardo Cabrera, Logistics Consultant

"The knowledge I have obtained in preparing for the CSCP certification is greater than that obtained in the master's degree in logistics that I took a couple of years ago"

Adner Capachero, General Manager

"An extraordinary course in the CSCP; this program helped me to affirm my knowledge in Supply Chain and raise my skills as a consultant"

Marlon Rieder, Mechanical Engineer

"Great experience and learning from this course. Very grateful to Carlos Perozo, I hope to share with him again in another program in the future"

Carlos Augusto Murcia, Purchasing Leader

"This course is very complete and pedagogical, also we always have additional material to expand our  knowledge."

Edward Quiceno
Head of Supply Chain

"I recommend this certification, which is aimed at training all professionals in the Supply Chain, with tools and concepts according to the current dynamics of the global environment, in such a way as to be able to have a clearer and firmer position when making any decision. in the face of any disruptive event that today this VUCA world leads us to face in a more constant and habitual way."

Gustavo Andres Navarro
Process and Operations Supervisor

"I took the course in "Certification in Supply Chain Management Fundamentals" thanks to the suggestion of Henry de la Peña, who was my boss for a while at the Dupont company and suggested I take this course in logistics. I am Very gratified with the knowledge learned in this course and for the good support material that was provided to us throughout the course and all the help provided by the teacher. I highly suggest the course."

Are you a Sigmacol customer?

Request a copy of the Supply Chain Assessment study - Prepared by our CEO Carlos Perozo, CPIM, CSCP and distributed by Sigmacol.

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