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Certification designed to apply supply chain concepts to the design of the global network used for the delivery of products and services from the state of raw materials to the final product to clients and end consumers through information, processes and cash flows, where The objectives are evaluated and the processes of the chain are visualized, its design is aligned through strategic planning to know the different possible configurations for manufacturing and service provision companies considering e-commerce and the optimization of operations.

Certification scope:

  • Establish a strategic planning process for the supply chain.
  • Establish a supply chain design process aligned with corporate strategy.
  • Assess the context (external and internal factors) affecting the design and operations of the supply chain.
  • Establish the appropriate metrics to measure and monitor supply chain performance.
  • Know the first, second and third level processes of the supply chain.
  • Standardize supply chain processes.
  • Design distribution networks.
  • Optimize distribution networks through the application of different models and algorithms.
  • Directly apply the knowledge learned in your organization.

Program content:

  • What is the Supply Chain.
  • Objectives, decisions and visualization of the processes in the supply chain.
  • Examples of supply chains.
  • Strategic planning of the supply chain.
  • First-class processes for the design of the supply chain.
  • Management indicators for the supply chain.
  • Design of networks in the supply chain.
  • Design options for a distribution network.
  • Online sales and planning factors for the distribution network.
  • Optimization of the supply chain - Practical Cases.

Total length

Synchronous format (live online): 30 hours subject to the schedule established at

Asynchronous online format: approximately 28 hours of content due to video editing work (the information content does not decrease in editing).

Minimum quorum for the live online program: 5 people.

The price of this article includes the digital study platform with the following components: study material, work tools, simulators, articles, videos of the classes and complementary videos, certification exam, certificate of compliance and approval, and digital badge.

Note: The offer for this certification expires on March 30, 2021.

Certification in Design and Optimization of the Supply Chain

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