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Education for the different levels and organizational processes

APICS Supply Chain Operations Reference Model Professional (SCOR-P)



SCOR® (Supply Chain Operations Reference Model) is a product of the APICS Supply Chain Council (APICS SCC), whose methodology, diagnostic and benchmarking tools help organizations make dramatic and rapid changes in their supply chain processes. supply. It is a consensus model, developed in 1996 and in continuous development and evolution, with direct input from industry leaders who manage global supply chains and use the model on a daily basis to analyze and improve the performance of their organizations. It intentionally has a broad scope and definitions that can be adapted to the supply chain requirements of any industry.


The SCOR® Professional Designation (SCOR-P):


  • It establishes a global standard of excellence for the application of SCOR.

  • Demonstrates an individual's knowledge of SCOR and the ability to apply the techniques of the model to measure, manage, and improve supply chain performance.

  • Indicates that an individual possesses the most sought after knowledge and skills for supply chain management.

  • Help solve 5 challenges that arise in the supply chain:

    • Customer service.

    • Costs control.

    • Planning and risk management.

    • Management of relationships with clients and partners.

    • Management of human talent.


The model is structured in sections and is organized around 5 strategic processes: Plan, Source, Make, Deliver and Return.


It covers:


  • All customer interactions (from the receipt of the order to the invoice paid).

  • All material transactions (from the supplier of the supplier to the customer of the customer).

  • All market interactions (from understanding aggregate demand to fulfilling each order).


It does not pretend:


  • Describe each business process or activities.

  • Specifically, the model does not address sales and marketing (demand generation), product development, research and development, quality management, human resources, and some elements of post-delivery customer support.

Why must you get SCOR-P certification?



APICS SCOR-P certification is essential if you are involved in:


  • Production management.

  • Operations.

  • Supply chain management.

  • Try.

  • Materials management.

  • Inventory management.


The APICS SCOR-P designation will help you:


  • Establish benchmarks to evaluate the effectiveness of the supply chain.

  • Provide real techniques to measure and manage a global supply chain.

  • Provide a practical method to assess the skills and competencies of current members of your supply chain team and future members.

  • Dramatically increase supply chain performance and improvement.

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Enjoy the benefits of being an APICS PLUS member

Get the SCOR-P designation

You can click here to access the calendar of events where you can see the dates and prices for the SCOR-P program.

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